Commercial Editing Services in the Charlotte, NC area

You need to stay on top of a lot of things if you want your business to rank higher in SEO and perform better online. One vital aspect of your online presence is the website copy you write and display. When your message is well-written, polished and effective, your business will stand out from the rest. However, typos and ineffective word choices can bring your rankings down.

River Birch Proofreading and Editing is here to help. I offer commercial editing services in the Charlotte, NC area to ensure that your business sounds professional online and through other digital media.

No matter what kind of advertising you do, you need well-written copy. Whether it is a website, presentation, or training manual, in order to accurately and effectively get your point across, the writing needs to be clear, concise and professional. Commercial editing services can ensure your documents are consistent and free of typos.


My Experience

I have been providing commercial editing services for businesses, magazines, authors, and printers for more than 40 years and also have experience editing websites and mobile apps. I am proficient with both the AP Stylebook and The Chicago Manual of Style. Words are my passion, and I love helping businesses succeed.

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