Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your turnaround time?
Turnaround time depends on the project to be proofread or edited. Projects such as ads, brochures, newsletters, etc. are returned within 24 hours; however, faster turnaround can often be accommodated. Books, annual reports and websites, of course, will take longer. A time estimate will be given and agreed upon before beginning your project.
What is the preferred file format for proofreading and editing?

Microsoft Word .doc or .docx is preferred, especially for longer documents such as books. Edits and suggestions will be made using Track Changes so you can see what edits were made. I can also accommodate Google Docs.

Can you proofread a PDF?

Sure! PDFs are edited using Adobe Acrobat Pro with easy-to-read highlights and markup tools. Since PDF proofs are usually the last stage before publishing, they are not recommended for heavy editing. Ideally, they should only be used as a last step after the document has been laid out.

Can you proofread from Google Docs?
Yes, I can. Unless otherwise requested, I download your Google Docs file to my desktop and send it back as a Microsoft Word .docx file with Track Changes added.
Can you proofread PowerPoint files?
Sure can. I use the PowerPoint Comment feature and highlight the changes in the presentation with “bubbles.”
How do I send a website for proofing?

Please email a link to your website and make sure I have permission to view it. The corrections and suggestions will be returned, section by section, to you via email with the edits shown in yellow.

How much is this going to cost me?

That depends on the size and type of your project. For general proofreading, many projects such as ads or brochures take an hour or less to proofread and will be charged $35.00 per project. Copyediting takes longer and is billed accordingly. Please email your project for an estimate. For larger projects, such as books, please send a few representative pages from both the front and the back of the book, plus the word count (Word Count is located under Tools in the toolbar of Word). Depending on length, books can also be priced by the word, usually $0.02-$0.05 per word depending on complexity.

Do you give free samples?
Upon request, I can provide a sample page or two of your Word file with Track Changes applied so you can see what to expect. If you are not familiar with Track Changes and how to use it, I can also provide a free tutorial. I can also mark a PDF or a PowerPoint slide to demonstrate them as well.
Can you show me some samples of your work?
Alas, no. My clients’ projects are proprietary and confidential. However, I have been a working proofreader since 1980, with experience in financial printing, book typesetting and editing, corporate communications and advertising. Please see the Testimonials page for more information.
Can I pay by credit card?

Yes, you can. When the project is completed, an invoice will be sent to your email, and you can pay directly from the invoice with a credit card. A mailed check works, too. For larger projects, such as books, a 50% deposit of the estimate total is required up front with the balance due upon completion. If you would like to discuss retainers or an ongoing schedule of work (fantastic!), then please reach out to me or call 803.370.4124.


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“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.” 

― Dr. Seuss

“So the writer who breeds more words than he needs, is making a chore for the reader who reads.”
– Dr. Seuss